Welcome dear reader to my wardrobe for thoughts and ideas. I would like to keep them here, in a safe place, primarily not to forget as I used to. They usually come and go, when I am commuting, taking a shower or falling asleep. Most times out of my standard working process. Well, yes, I am a busy man. And I am pretty sure so are you. That is why I will try to honour your time by writing rather succinct posts with reference links to more explanatory materials.

And what you could read here? I am a professional software engineer, devoted to the craftsmanship of software construction. I like good tools supporting my work and clean architectures that arise from little details. I am a passionate contributor to computer languages too as I like the beauty of human thought formulation as machine readable expressions.

My name is Marcin Wachulski (Mar-seen Va-hull-ski) and I dwell in Poland with my beloved wife and great children.

Marcin Wachulski

Enjoy reading, arguing, borrowing and sharing!